Sunday, 19 September 2010

Desktop Customisation. - Finally

Right after far to long of not posting, finally I'm going to Post about Desktop Customisation. :)
Also since my last post i have reached 200 followers and I'm close to 250, i would just like to say thank you to all that took the time to follow me :D

Right firstly you need to know this is my way of customising a desktop so you could use different software or position things differently, so don't rage if i do things differently to you. :) 
Below is my desktop :) 

Right if you are following my way there are 4 main things you can do to customise your desktop, 

Number 1 - Wallpaper.

Firstly you want to find a good size wallpaper that fits nicely on your screen and that you like the style of. You can get them anywhere. L2Google ;) 

Number 2 - Dock.

You now want a dock, there are 2 main docks you can get Rocket Dock or Object Dock.
Both brings a Mac OS X Dock-style application launcher to Windows for free. With them, you can minimize apps to your dock to thumbnails, tweak any of your icons and quickly launch any app.

Rocket Dock -
Object Dock -

Number 3 - Rainmeter

Rainmeter is another free system monitor and desktop enhancement tool for creating a fully customised desktop HUD on Windows. Like Samurize, you’re only limited by your imagination with Rainmeter. The default Rainmeter skins may seem underwhelming, but with a little elbow grease and a creativity, Rainmeter is capable of incredible customisations.

Rain meter -

Number 4 - Task bar.
I still use the default windows task bar but i have moved it to the left instead on the bottom however you can customise rocket dock so you can use that as your task bar or you can get Emerge desktop, Emerge Desktop is a free Windows shell replacement that swaps out the default Windows task bar, start-menu, and right-click menu with its own alternatives.

Emerge desktop -

Hope this has Helped you in some way :) leave a comment etc :D

- CerialGuy.


  1. it doesnt look cluttered but still the wallpaper makes it seem cluttered. still good

  2. WOW! I love it! Very good blog, I will come everyday to check out whats new ;)

  3. nice stuff i use rocket dock 4 my desktop i used 2 use rainmeter 2 but i thought having 2 clocks was kinda stupid

  4. it's cool, but i like mine more, empty and using windows 7 desktop changer, the picture changes in every 15 minutes, now that's cool :D

  5. ooh thanks nice guide, will definitely try

  6. Awesome desktop, wish mine looked that sweet

  7. really useful!

    check my poll, every vote is helpful. He said its gonna be huge.

    smoochies n' poopies :*

  8. GOD THANK-YOU! I've been looking all over desktops like these! Thanks!

  9. thats alot of customization ice

  10. nice, i use objectdock, i find it to be a bit easier to use and a lot more stable, but to each their own, good job!

  11. very nice desktop, my friend. Post more often, I implore you!

  12. rocket dock ftw! i use it too :P

  13. Love your blog. Im following. Hope you will too.

  14. hey, i just wanna say the one you made is amazing!! i really like it =) i might try to make one too haha so thanks for the tips. heres my blog btw, you should check it out. please+thanks lol. :]

  15. I prefer windowblinds for my customization but good tut anyhow!