Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Guess who's back? Back again. me.

Hello. Is it me you're looking for?

Hello, Hello and Hello again.
Man it feel like i haven't been on this is an age.
that's because i haven't. he he

Anyhow since Google has merged into one big blob, my old blogger has came back into light!
and since people are actually reading this. (still amazed about that fact)
I have decided to start posting again. 

please control your excitement. oh you are? Never mind then... please continue.

Although this should be a happy occasion, which it is. it also brings with it a new problem!
Everyone bloggers worst nightmare!

What the bloody hell should i write about D:

But don't you worry your pretty little head over it because i am on the ball.


because lets be honest here, this is quite an old blog/site.

So i would like to expend my viewers and invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel :)
because it is every YouTubers dream to get to 10,000 subs and that is my dream too.

I have only just started on YouTube. i have the grand total of 2 videos.

That's right baby, 2.

My plan was to focus on game play videos, mainly Strategy games, but who knows where this will take me and i want you to be along for the ride :D

So please, Like/Subscribe/rate my videos and comment :)

Every little bit helps and i really appreciate it, honestly. 

Glad to be back - CerialGuy

My YouTube Channel - Like/Sub etc

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